Saal Digital Review – Becky Falls – Dartmoor

  • 1st April 2017


Reviewing Saal Digital 5mm Acrylic print

As you guys know, I’m an avid lover of landscape and nature photography. The colours, the composition, the incredible locations, even sitting in the cold with a tiny flask of coffee for hours on end – I enjoy it all! For me, it’s always really rewarding seeing your images on print, for yourself or for customers, the satisfaction is all the same. We all know it’s important to find a great printing company that you trust, works for your budget and that you can rely on time and time again to deliver a high standard product. The thing I only recently found out, however, is how difficult it was to find the right guys! After dealing with a less than desirable company over the festive period, I now know the importance of not only a high quality product, but prompt, friendly and responsive service! With this is mind, the guys at Saal Digital provided me with this beautiful 5mm print of one of my images to review – read on to hear my thoughts! From the order, delivery and the final product!


saal digital review becky falls dartmoor

The Ordering process & Delivery

My overall thoughts regarding the ordering process were that it was very fast and attentive service! I contacted them as they were asking for photographers to review their products, where they then reviewed my application. Once accepted, I downloaded their app onto the computer, where I then uploaded my full resolution image. You can then choose what you want your image printed on – I went for the 5mm acrylic as I’ve personally never tried it before and heard great things!

Once ordered, I was then given the confirmation email, followed by a dispatch email – the total time from the initial ordering through to delivery took a week from Germany, which was pretty ideal for me! It came carefully packaged in a cardboard box, with a protective, layer over the print to prevent any scratches, etc!




Customer Service

All emails and correspondence was promptly received and I had a fast response. Although it’s thought of as standard, just getting the confirmation and dispatch emails is always a nice reassurance! I didn’t have any further need to contact the guys regarding anything else, seeming as my print arrived quickly and safely and I was very happy with the turnout. Should the result have been different I can pretty confidently say I think that you’d get a very fast and attentive response from them, should you have any concerns!



The end results & my thoughts

Every aspect of my experience of Saal Digital was enjoyable, quick and professional. The print is EXTREMELY high quality – unfortunately this was difficult to capture when taking an image of the actual print, as it was quite reflective. The colours, sharpness, absolutely nothing has been compromised and it’s very true to the original image. It’s very vibrant, crisp and beautifully done! As you can seen the greens are very prominent in the original image, likewise on the print this vibrancy shows though, as well as the beautiful softness of the water! This is hands down the best print I’ve ever received!

The Original


The Print


I really hope you guys found this helpful – I honestly can’t recommend Saal Digital enough. I had a great experience and am so pleased with the end result!

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